Tips Kempis Perut

Ahh.. Now I feel like to write this entry in Malay + English..

Recently, I met my aunt who lives in California(with her family, of course). As usual, we had chit chat and changed our stories.

Time borak2 dgn dia, sempat gak dia turunkan one tip. :lol: Ha, tips utk kempiskan perut. ehehe..

Sapa2 yg ada problem dgn belly, I strongly suggest to do this simple technique. It's extremely simple and you even can do it when you are reading this.

Cara nya camni:

- kempiskan perut anda seberapa kempis yang boleh. (flex your tummy as much as you can)
- Tahan kempisan itu about 10 seconds. (stay that way in about 10 seconds)
- sambil tahan perut, exhale from your mouth a few times. (while doing it, exhale from your mouth.)
- do this repeatedly wherever you are, whatever you do.

Ha, agak2 faham tak? ehehe..

To be honest, I have been doing this same technique since a couple of years back. The only thing I didn't do is exhaling part. I know this technique from Japanese tv program when I stayed in Japan.

Trust me... It really works if you do it 'intensively'.

Why? Because when you flex your tummy it gives impact to tummy's fat. When you keep doing it, the fat will be burnt and muscle will be built..

Senang je kan! Tapi, kdg2 mende yg senang tu la kite makin malas nak buat.. ehehe.. Takley malas2 la kalau nak jaga badan. Kalau hubby cari lain, jgn blame hubby lak.. You are the one need to be blamed. :p


  1. haha, a simple tips and proven effective, to me at least. i didn't get it from anywhere but somehow likes to tahan nafas to give pressure to my tummy as to my logical thinking, it wud helps to kempis the tummy. rupa2nya it really works ye, how great! hihi..

  2. ehehe.. u r rite aja.. thats very kewl huh.. actually we can do it by logically thinking. it does make sense, doesnt it? ;) let's flatten our tummy, girls!! ahaks..

  3. Rase nye cam btol nih hehe... saye ikut class Yoga and ada instructor tu ajar cara2 breathing cam ni...

  4. simple gak cara ni. boleh la try nanti. thanks ya. :)

  5. u r welcome.. *wink* only flat belly for posh chicks. ahaks.. :p

  6. cam nk buat la pas bace post ni..lg pon senang je.risau perut makin naik..bayk bju x le pakai sbb nmpk perut buncit..huhu.thanks

  7. boleh juga tipsnya, saya mau coba bro..
    kalau gak mempan, ane mau coba kapsul biolo
    thanks ya, artike